Bouvier des Ardennes

This breed originated in the Belgian provinces that are part of the Ardennes: Liège, Namur and Luxembourg. The Bouvier des Ardennes are a much larger area that also lies in the north of France and Luxemburg.
Almost becoming extincted, there are some breeders specially in Belgium, that are working to preserve this rare breed.

A rustic dog, used to live outdoors and to hard work. It guards the house and drives livestock. His gait is active and preferable trotting, always moving around his master. Although its unfriendly and serious look, suspicious against strangers, it is obedient and affectionate to his master. Its eyes show the intelligence, familiar to this breed.

This Bouvier is very different from the Bouviers des Flandres and the Bouviers of Roulers. He has more the aspect and the structure of a sheepdog; he is less compact, with a longer back and straight up ears. His average size is 60 cm at shoulder height. He is a rustic and powerful dog. The hair is rough and ruffled. He is tailless. His head is covered with short hairs, except for a mustache and a goatee. The non-curtailed ears are slightly apart one from the other.

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