Many are currently realizing the dream of their own four walls

Many are currently realizing the dream of their own four walls

That makes sense – because never were loans as cheap as now. Usually, the fixed interest rate ends after ten years.


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For an average of just two percent, there is a real estate loan with a ten-year term – half as expensive as ten years ago. There would have to be a few square meters more in it, a house in a better location, a nicer bathroom, a bigger garden, in short: a little more luxury. But those who think so and because of the favorable conditions now burdened with higher debt, may sit on a time bomb.

Large part of real estate loans expire in ten years

That could go up in about ten years. Then a large part of the real estate loans expire, the buyers have recently concluded with low interest rates. In the case of private households, the Bundesbank counted on residential construction loans worth around one trillion euros last November. Nearly three-quarters of new loans completed this month have fixed interest rates for more than five years. Ten years are standard. Then thousands of home builders and buyers need follow-up financing.

“That carries a certain risk, because the interest in ten years, probably higher,” warns the real estate economist of the Institute of German Economics, Michael Voigtländer. In other European countries overindebted crises have emerged. Do the German consumers have to fear that too?

Conservative mentality benefits the Germans

No, says Voigtländer. The Germans will benefit from their conservative mentality. “They finance their property with relatively much equity,” the scientist knows. Borrowers in this country borrow only about 75 percent of the construction or purchase price. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, loans over 120 percent were normal before the real estate crisis.

At the same time more and more is paid off. According to Voigtländer, the rates are now no longer one, but 2.5 percent. “Many even repay with three percent and keep the burden at first neat,” says Christian Walburg from the Association of German Pfandbrief banks. Unlike in the UK, where, despite low interest rates, it has not been paid off for a long time – and the owners have drifted ever deeper into the interest rate trap.

“It is usually not advised and sold as it would be useful”

In Germany, the banks did not allow this at all, says Helmut Weigt of the association Wohneigentum in Bonn. “Some institutions even require repayment installments of two to three percent, otherwise the customer will not get a loan.” The banks have an interest in secure financing, emphasizes the spokeswoman for the Landesbausparkassen, Ivonn Kappel. Therefore, they advised themselves to appropriate eradication.

But borrowers should not trust it, advise the consumer centers. “It is usually not as advised and sold, as would be useful,” warns real estate expert Niels Nauhauser of the Consumer Council Baden-Württemberg. The banks are not only interested in a high margin, but also in low default risks. Currently, however, they also advised to pay instead of repayment in a home savings contract. Thus, consumers bought their long-term fixed rate much too expensive.


With the crisis, promotional credit offers are multiplying

Competition and banking supervisory authorities are monitoring the phenomenon. Consumer associations warn against sometimes misleading advertising.

In the last few weeks, enticing and tempting ads have been flooding newspaper pages, websites and personal e-mail. While the financial crisis is raging, these advertisements offer loans Get Index 90 at will renewable or credit buybacks of all kinds, automobile, housing or consumption. They promise citizens-consumers restored purchasing power at the same time … a better life!

“It’s time to take advantage of it!” Says an advertisement for Credito, the “specialist in the redemption of credits, which gives color to your life”. “Click here” to “collect all your credits” and “unlock your purchasing power!” continues the message to households strangled by their reimbursement charges.

Consumers who struggle to make ends meet, and are reluctant to push the door of their bank, other financial companies offer “money reserves” available “right now”, and, they suggest, for nothing or almost. Thus, this advertising signed “Médiatis, the credit that has the sense of service”, puts at your fingertips “a reserve of money up to 10 000 euros to achieve your projects”, with “0 euro to repay for three months, and immediate principle answer!”. As a cherry on the cake, Médiatis, which, lucky enough, “celebrates its 10th anniversary”, offers “an exceptional rate on your credit reserve for 6 months”.

“Relax and do not start repaying until 2009,” says another commercial for a revolving credit called “Disponis, credit according to you”, showing a languid woman on a beach bathed in sunshine. It offers up to 4,500 euros “transferred in 48 hours only”, for “0 euro for 3 months” with, as a gift, a mini-Hi-fi.


The upsurge in promotional credit offers is a classic phenomenon in times of crisis. It is closely monitored by competition authorities, banking supervisory authorities and consumer associations, who denounce misleading messages and inducements for excessive indebtedness.

“All is not bad and it can happen that good buy-backs and debts by serious people allow families to avoid being evicted from housing or falling into debt,” explains Frédérique Pfrunder, Project Manager at the Consumption, Housing and Living Environment Association (CLCV).

But, she warns, “you have to pay attention to very aggressive ads where you do not talk about money but where you sell well-being. The credit conditions behind it can be dangerous, for example, if We propose a variable rate to indebted households at a fixed rate. It must be kept in mind that, in any case, the new credit will be longer and will cost much more!

Ms. Pfrunder denounces the passage “double jackpot” that represent, for banks, these operations of the repurchase of receivables. She also warns against the temptation of revolving credit, while threatens the economic crisis. “We are in the process of setting up an explosive device,” she says, ” there are no longer any small loans earmarked to finance expenses of less than 2,000 euros, such as the purchase of a washing machine. offers revolving credits that can be used at will on bank cards. ”

Christian Huard, president of CondoFrance, shares these concerns. He expects credit institutions to adopt responsible behavior. “The vultures of the crisis are, it seems, already there,” says Huard, ” By offering credits at promotional rates, these companies distort the economic offer. There must be a price for credit. ‘essential is the normal price, the one we will actually pay throughout the loan term.’ For Mr. Huard, it is up to the government to protect the consumer from unfair practices, especially when the state enters the capital of banks.

Mannheim – At home my money is better off than at the bank. This was apparently the opinion of a 91-year-old retiree from Mannheim, who had deposited his savings of 40,000 in his apartment.


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But a thief got after police access to the apartment and took the full cashbox. The savings were gone. The senior is not the only one in Germany who prefers to keep his money at home rather than entrust it to a bank.

Illusion of control

“Many people want to be able to touch and see their money, and they have the illusion that they have more control,” says Bamberger Professor of Finance Andreas Oehler. “Some think:

If there is almost no interest, anyway, I can also put my money under my pillow. “And that, although it is much faster away there than on the bank.Here at the place of hiding the imagination knows no bounds in the freezer as under the pillow.

There is no interest on cash

According to the Bundesbank, anyone who hoards cash loses money in particular: escaped interest – albeit low -, the costs of a locker or possible theft. But in times of high uncertainty, many people wanted to be able to access their finances quickly – and cash was the fastest available.

During the financial crisis in October 2008, for example, demand for it had risen sharply. Especially noticeable many 500-euro notes were sought after. In the crisis year of 2009, the Bundesbank assumed that the Germans hoarded up to 65 percent of the circulating cash. How high the proportion is at present, there are no estimates. Oehler does not consider interviews to be reliable on this subject: “Who says the truth when, for example, he hides money at home for unfair reasons?”

Fear of negative interest

The Federal Association of German Banks currently sees no signs that the Germans hoard a lot of cash. But that could change from the perspective of some experts. The reason: the discussion about negative interest rates, so if bank customers have to pay penalty interest if they invest larger sums. With the deposits of the savers is because of the low interest on the capital market hardly to earn money. So far, individual banks charge negative interest rates for major customers.

“If banks actually start to introduce negative interest rates for ordinary savers, then I think it is a probable scenario that people start to withdraw their money and deposit it at home or in the locker,” says financial market expert Dorothea Schäfer from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin. “That’s why I’m amazed how lightheartedly banks talk about it.”

Worry about bank instability in Germany unfounded

Those who did not prefer to leave their money to the banks at the height of the global financial crisis were probably worried about the stability of the bank, as Schäfer says. This fear has taken a back seat in Germany today. “It has been experienced that ultimately you do not have to worry.”

Economist Michael Feigl from the Institute for Financial Services in Hamburg appeals to common sense. “I always hope that people are reasonable and do not hoard large sums of money at home,” he says. After all, the burglary figures are high.

Home-based money drives investment in security

Finance expert Friedrich Heinemann of the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim points out: “Bunkering at home is also expensive, you would have to invest in security and buy safes, and the insurance premium on cash at home is also there a kind of negative interest. “


How To Start My Own Business From Home

If an individual older debt, there excellent news in which you – yes, right things payday advance. They are usually willing to settle for a much lower percent of essential debt than newer deficits. And this is why: let’s pretend you quit paying a $300.00 bank card 5 rice. By the time the charge card company threw up their hands and decided to create your balance off, experience accumulated additional interest charges; late fees; possible over-the-limit fees and extra interest besides.

Printed security. Sales sheets, brochures, product packaging, etc . should be the last parts that you design. And, what you require will depend on how you’re planning to promote and promote your business. If you are planning this section carefully, and ensure that you design pieces that you’ll make use of (meaning that you’ll give them away instead of letting them gather dirt in your office) and that your own prospects will read (instead of throwing them within the trash. So, think of marketing and advertising pieces that are going to be helpful tips for small business start-up your prospects, so that you’ll get probably the most benefit from giving them out!

Emails – You may send daily or regular motivational short stories, posts and success in business quotes to your party. To give it a personal relationship, tack on a short tale or quote that relates to you and your business directly.

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Many small businesses try to spend less by just having photocopied details at their display. With all the changes to digital publishing in the past few years professionally developed and printed brochures and flyers are actually very affordable.

Now is the time to have a plan for coping with a recession. It doesn’t matter if we have been in a recession now delete word. These 10 tips may prepare your business for each good times and not so good occasions.

Foreign Money Exchange Market Tips

The easiest way for reducing your financial debt fast is to apply for a consolidation loan at Website ???, credit line, or a home equity mortgage. Each of these options is great due to the fact monies are available usually at a lower rate of interest and you just make payments to one loan provider. You may be required to give up your own credit card/s to the loan company; however, it is still worthwhile otherwise you save in interest could be huge.

The very first thing we should get out of the way ought to be the most obvious, there is no such factor as getting rich over night on the Internet or 30-days or even 1-year. Sorry to break this news to those out there holding to hope. Don’t get me incorrect; there are some very viable plus lucrative programs out there that will deliver what’s promised. I realize because beyond my life as being a business consultant, I create a pretty good subsidy with a couple of that we will discuss later on. But “rich” is a family member and “quick” by no means will be subjective. However, I no longer want to get ahead of myself right here. I want everything to be since clear and concise as is possible. Before I give credence to those systems that I possess tried and have proven to be really worth their weight in guarantees, I first want to tackle the scams.

Not gonna happen. Apart from the timed to the 2nd news announcements that wring the market most other movement is just the usual operation of the how to start a currency exchange business. Trying to predict and period the random buys plus sells of banks because they exchange currency is silly.

If you are a how to become a foreign currency dealer not familiar with options, make sure you recognize them before you risk your dollars. Options have their own attributes, signified by Greek characters: delta, theta, gamma, Ribera, and rho.

This is a Global 7/24 trading program dependent not upon the particular stock market only on the beliefs of the different currencies (called currency pairs) in relation to one another. It can and does yield in many cases over 100% profit.

If you have been within the Foreign Exchange market for a while, you will probably currently have heard of an automatic trader. This is a financial trading tool that has been the greatest breakthrough so far within the money exchange business requirements. Browsing an FX Autopilot Robot review would certainly come in handy.

You can rely on simple-to understand indicators like the RSI, or relative power index, to help you choose whenever to enter and leave the market. This may not reveal your own returns, but it ought to give some indication from the attractiveness of the particular marketplace. Before tackling trades in the tight market that is reputed for eating traders’ profits, think carefully.

There are several sources for a robotic out there and which you choose is up to you. However, you ought to know that utilizing them may maximize your profits and also help teach you how to spot wise strategies yourself. Hopefully, it has helped you get your feet damp or give you some concept of how to trade more of course profitably. Good luck with it and keep earning money. I personally made more than 6 times on my cash using a Forex automated investing robot.

An Interest Rate Manual – Pay Your Expenses On Money Supply Raises And Inflation

I getting approved for a car loan with bad credit have less high credit. Does that mean I am going to not qualify? If you have less high credit, don’t count your self out just yet because there might still be some options for a person. A Small merchant cash advance and Guarantee Loan are great alternatives for you to get the cash you need when you need it. The particular qualifications are easier than the usual bank but the terms might not be as good. If you know that you need the money and feel you may be the fit for these alternate sorts of business financing, it may be your best option for you.

An individual say all you can spare certainly are a couple of hours every week to your what are stocks and bonds and how do they work investments? It charges you money when you may select your investment approach according to your schedule.

The rates are often about 12%. They also cost somewhere between three and 8 bridging loans points. Don’t freak out!!! The price of the money is not important; it is the availability that is important. It is cheaper than getting a companion and giving them 50% from the profits.

Whatever, modern government authorities have a trump card which they often love to use. Printing more and more money. You see fiat currencies can be created from thin air by the central banking institutions. This is what is happening now. However, the Euro is falling, therefore, will the US Dollar as increasing numbers of money will be printed toward off this massive financial debt crisis. This massive publishing of cash will place a severe burden around the stocks and bonds difference.

Green expresses freedom, chastity, and spaciousness. A calming color, it goes excellently with meals, h2o, food preparation, flowers, house shutters plus doorways. Mild green is usually associated with money and connections in using the stocks and bonds basics plus business.

If you can do your income, your credit is good, and you will make a 5% down payment or higher, you will be rewarded with a number of loan options and a really competitive interest rate. In the reduced to mid 6. 000’s.

Do you learn about checking plus savings accounts in senior high school or college? About substance interest and how it can help plus hurt you? About how bank cards work? About the details of purchasing large ticket items like vehicles or homes? I failed to and I doubt you do either. So, where do you learn it? Oh, yea, I see, you never did understand it and you are going regarding your daily financial lives without knowledge that could help you significantly.

Now, lets use the calculator, as I may assure you, as a person that realizes they can make a mil dollars very quickly, you will find methods to keep to the schedule that the quantities on your calculator mapped away.